Canvas Stretching 


All of my oil and acrylic paintings are painted on quality canvas which I have purchased or stretched myself. I prefer to stretch my own canvases because then I know they have been primed adequately for oil paints. It is important that the corners of the canvas have been folded around the stretcher bar corners and not just cut to fit.  Corners which have been cut may fray. Check the corners when purchasing pre-stretched canvases.  The stretcher bars I use are high quality and braced when needed. (Larger canvases need to be braced to prevent warping.)
My oil and acrylic portraits are painted on different stretched canvas types depending on whether you want an unframed contemporary look or a framed more traditional look.
Gallery Style stretched canvas is about 35mm deep and does not need framing.
Slimline Style stretched canvas is about 18mm deep and is recommended if you want to have your portrait framed because the framer will be able to offer you a greater selection of frame styles.
Both canvas styles are the same price.

How To Stretch a Canvas

Please contact me to arrange step-by-step instruction.


If you have any questions or queries please CONTACT ME and I will be more than happy to help you!