Cap'n Jack and Mr Sheffield Up Close and Personal 


A little bit about the personalities these two stunning persian cats supplied by their owner Tracey Perry.

Cap'n Jack and Mr Sheffield are brothers and were so sick as kittens, which occurred after our purchase of them so they are quite a special “couple”.  I almost lost CJ as he weighed at his lightest 700gms and Mr Sheffield is now around 6kgs so quite a big boy but so loving. 


Cap'n Jack :


I don’t know what made me name him Cap’n Jack.  Was it after Cap’n Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean movie fame or after Cap’n Jack Harkness of Torchwood TV series fame?  I think the latter as here was one handsome cat who used his 9 lives up all too soon.  He was my constant companion who was always there to greet me at the door when I came home from work, shopping, wherever.  His beautiful big golden eyes and happy meow asking what I had brought him.  His life cut all too short by cancer but Sally has created an portrait which will live on for a long time, thank you Sally.



Mr Sheffield:


"Oh Mr. Sheffield". That name just popped into my head after the Nanny TV series, for no other reason than he looked quite a regal boy who was always going to be wanting attention.  He has a lot to live up to and has gained some of brother CJ’s lives and weight, he’s a big boy, always happy but a bit shy, still with those staring big amber eyes and funny meow. Immortalized with his brother, they will watch over things for a long time.


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