Framing Pastel Pet Portraits


Once your pet portrait is complete it can be sent to you unframed or framed.
Unframed pet portraits will be packed flat within a strong rigid box so that nothing may come into contact with portrait causing damage. Unframed pastel work may very easily be smudged if care is not taken. On receipt of your portrait by all means open the box to have a look but leave it in the box until you get to your framer so that it remains protected. Pastel art works must be framed behind glass to protect them from the environment. Your framer should be made aware that the artwork is a pastel so that he/she may take appropriate care whilst helping you to select a frame. There is a particular way of framing a pastel which allows a gap between the artwork and the matt board along the bottom for any stray pastel particles to fall into. This prevents matt board from collecting any pastel particles. I like to have pastels framed with double matt board as this looks better and gives more room between the artwork and the glass.  Plain glass is the best type to use as other glass types may obscure some of the finer detail of the picture.
Framed pet portraits will be professionally packed and sent to you sensitive freight. I have an excellent relationship with my framer and all framing is done using the highest quality archival materials and with great care and attention to detail. Matt boards and frame mouldings are chosen to best suit the portrait being framed.  Choosing frames to match your decor may not compliment the portrait in the best way!  Also remember that the frame while enhancing the artwork it should not dominate it.  Beware of choosing a frame which is too heavy or ornate.
                 Framed Pastel Pet Portrait by Sally McLean                         Framed Pastel Pet Portrait by Sally McLean
Post and packaging will be priced according to the size and weight of the portrait.
A framed pastel will endure many generations. Pastels from the sixteenth century are still as fresh today as the day they were painted.


If you have any questions or queries please CONTACT ME and I will be more than happy to help you!