How I price my Pet Portraits


You are investing in a quality, hand drawn, detailed, lifelike artwork of your special pet by a professional artist ensuring you may enjoy your best friend and companion forever.

A part of me goes into every one of my portraits.  The way I use colour, my attention to detail, and my accuracy in achieving a likeness to your special pet are what make me stand out as a pet portrait artist.
Each portrait I create is as unique as the pet I am depicting.
My prices are determined by; 
  • The medium used - pastel or oil Pastel portraits are quicker and cheaper than oils because they require no drying time and the materials used are less costly. Pastel portraits must be framed behind glass to protect them from the environment. Oil paintings on stretched canvas may be hung unframed and should not be framed behind glass.   They need to breathe!  
  • The size of the portrait The size of the portrait is governed by the client’s budget and what a sensible size is for their particular pet. A very small dog for example can look out of place if painted too large.   Also the shape of the composition influences the shape of the final portrait.  For example whether it is square or oblong; portrait or landscape.
  • The number of pets in the portrait Portraits containing more than one pet may have to be a particular size and shape to accommodate the best possible portrait composition to show off the pets to their best advantage. Composition of a portrait containing more than one pet can be challenging and takes more time than a single pet portrait. For this reason each extra pet is $100 AUD which also covers me for extra materials and time doing the pastel work.

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If you have any questions or queries please CONTACT ME and I will be more than happy to help you!