How To Take Fantastic Pet Photos.


              Original photograph   Reference photograph used for Pastel Pet Portrait by Sally McLean               Resulting Pastel Pet Portrait  Pastel Pet Portrait by Sally McLean
The photographs you provide me are the most important part in commissioning your pet portrait!  I work from one photograph which shows the best pose and use any other photos you may provide to achieve the best detail and colour.  So the main photo you choose needs to capture your pet's unique character and personality.  Please feel welcome to contact me if you need any help photographing your pet!
The best portrait results are achieved from well focussed colour photographs taken in natural light (outside on a bright, overcast day is best) rather than flash light.
The clearer the photographs the better your portrait will be.  Make sure your camera is set to take the highest possible resolution photographs.
Try to get close-up of the face so that I can get the detail I need to produce the best portrait.
A three-quarter view with both eyes showing is usually the most pleasing angle for a portrait
Photographs should be taken at the pet's level if possible rather than from above.
If possible a collection of photographs both close-up and from different angles allows me to gauge the most accurate fur colour and body form.
It is sometimes helpful (particularly when the subject is an excitable dog) to have a friend offering treats while you take the picture.
Although it is good for me to see your pet, this is not essential and not always possible.  If you live in Brisbane I am happy to photograph your pet myself.
The above hints are not critical but are certainly helpful to me in the creation of the most beautiful portrait for you. 
Email your photos to me.
Please contact me if you have difficulty photographing your pet.  I often travel around Brisbane and to the Gold and Sunshine Coasts and I may be able to drop in and help you.
If you have any questions or queries please CONTACT ME and I will be more than happy to help you!