Welcome to my Happy Client Testimonial Page


This is a selection of testimonials written by my clients once they have received their portraits. People have various reasons for commissioning a pet portrait. Sometimes their beloved pet has sadly passed away or is old and may not be around for much longer. Sometimes it is just because they love their pets so much that they want to celebrate their lives even more in a portrait. Portraits also make wonderful and unique gifts for that special person. Whatever inspires you to have your special friend and companion immortalized in a portrait you are ensuring that you will always remember the special times you spent together.


Dog Pet Portrait in PastelRocky and Lilly  Dog Portrait in Pastel 40 x 52cm



Testimonial  My husband loved it!! It blew his socks off!  He can usually guess what I will get him for his birthday but this year I bowled him over. So thankyou once again Sally.To say everyone loved it is an understatement. Bev Chilvers  of Brisbane 







Dog Pet Portrait Framed



Testimonial I was extremely pleased with our finished portrait of Precious.  Sally was great to work with and interpreted our photo of Precious just as she is. Sally captured her personality and the features that make her so dear to us. Joanne Cotton of Brisbane


Precious Christmas 2008 commission.  Dog Portrait in Pastel 50 x 60cm






Dog Pet portrait in Pastel

Clemmie  Dog Portrait in Pastel 33x47cm



Testimonial "The portrait was a HUGE success. Everyone loved it and all thought it was Clemmie to a tee. My sister was just overcome when she was given the portrait as it was her dog almost alive again. She is hanging the portrait in pride of place next to the door which Clemmie always used.  I will be having Sally draw my own collies for my birthday next year." Robyn Chapman of Brisbane 






Dog Pet Portrait in PastelBreeze Dog Portrait in Pastel 33x47cm

This portrait was a prize awarded at the Australian Dog Agilty Association Grand Prix 2008  


Testimonial "Sally has managed to capture my dogs' true character and personality and that extra special sheltie "aloofness" that the breed has ...the expression that is portrayed in his eye's is remarkable.  I will now have a true and lifelike reminder of my "friend and companion" for all eternity." Tandy Allen Queensland  








Dog Pet Portrait Close Up in Pastel

Sassi Dog Portrait in Pastel 50x60cm



Testimonial My husband commissioned a pastel portrait of "Sassi" for our anniversary. I've never seen anything as perfect and that captures not only her looks but more importantly her personality. I will be forever grateful that she will live on forever.  Justine Ware of Brisbane




Dog Pet Portrait in PastelShai Dog Portrait in Pastel 44.5 x 55.5 cm



Testimonial   I was so impressed by the pics you sent me on email, I never imagined it could get better!  The detail is quite amazing - the fur, eye, mouth and brindle markings are perfect.  Shai had a gentle nature and a beautiful soul and to see that come through in your work is more than I could have hoped for. Everytime I look at her portrait, I smile. And I know it will bring a smile to everyone who knew her for years to come. Your work is beautiful and it must be a great feeling to bring so much joy to animal lovers!  Robyn Horewood of Perth 






Dog Pet Portrait in Pastel

Smoeky and Twinkels  Christmas 2009 Gift Commission Dog Portrait in Pastel 50x60cm



Testimonial Thankyou So So Much for my most awesomest portrait!! It is absolutely beautiful!!! I love everything about it very much!! I like the way you have used the colour in the shaded parts of their fur... They look georgeous... and I can see their personalities coming through!!  Love it!! Wendy Pretorius of Mt Cotton Queensland Click Here to see close ups and personality profiles!






Dog Pet Portrait Oil on Canvas

Maddie Dog Portrait in Oil on Stretched Canvas 40x50cm

Testimonial  "Our family dog "Maddie" past away at the age of 14. My parents had for the last eighteen months of her life nursed her through some ill health and had taken the death of the family pet quite hard. I wanted to give them a gift that would forever let them remember "Maddie". I visited Sally and was extremely impressed with her work, but more importantly the obvious passion that went into her work. Throughout the whole process Sally kept me informed and would ask my opinion on various facets of the painting so it would turn out exactly how I wanted it. Upon picking up the painting I was rocked with shivers at just how much detail Sally had put into "Maddie". It was like staring at "Maddie" in real life. The resemblance was uncanny and Sally had captured the key features to the most minute detail. It was plainly obvious that Sally had not just painted "Maddie" but somehow brought her back to life.  Joshua Rhodes of Brisbane"



Testimonial  I truly hope I was able to let you know when I rang you just how much your painting of Maddie meant to both Peter and I. Apart from capturing every minute detail of her (little wart above her left eye, worn down teeth from too much tennis ball, ears pricked back, digit missing on toe, fullness of her hair around the neck area, etc), you also were able to capture the very essence of her being through her eyes. She will now forever be with us thanks to your talent.  You could not have produced such a painting without feeling empathy with the subject. Thank you very much. Jude Rhodes of Gympie Queensland



Cat Pet Portrait in Pastel 

Jeremiah Cat Portrait in Pastel 50x50cm


 Testimonial "What a total surprise!" Jeremiah is so lifelike with the sparkle in his eyes and the haughty expression. You have captured him completely. Thankyou for all the trouble you have gone to to create a lasting memory. This is certainly one portrait that bites!" Tracey and Mike Perry of Adelaide     







Cat Pet Portrait in Pastel

Cap'n Jack and Mr Sheffield Cat Portrait in Pastel 50x70cm

Testimonial “Our boyz now have pride of place on the bedroom wall where CJ can watch over us.  His eyes seem to follow me wherever I go and I know that he will still be with me and live on in spirit.  Once again another masterpiece”. Tracey and Mike Perry of Adelaide   


 CJ Very sadly passed away just before this portrait was completed.








Horse Pet Portrait in Pastel

Ruby Tuesday Horse Portrait in Pastel 35x50cm



Testimonial "Sally. When you sent me a work in progess of my beautiful Ruby Tuesday it brought tears to my eyes. Thankyou so much for catching her beauty and her spark so intricately. You have done an amazing job of my darling girl." Rebecca Tedder of Melbourne     







                                                                                                       Dog Pet Portrait by Sally McLean Artist

Ollie  Dog Portrait in Oil on Stretched Canvas  75x50cm 



Testimonial"I received the portrait of Ollie as a Christmas present. I can't believe the likeness, Sally has managed to capture Ollie perfectly, especially his eyes. The painting combines two of the things I love most, the Australian Bush, and my working Dog." Tom of Canberra  









Duchess and Melissa Pastel Portrait 50x60cm



Testimonial "The portrait that you provided is exceptional! You took an ordinary photograph and turned out an exceptional piece that captured Dutchess and Melissa’s personality so well. Not only were you able to turn it around quickly, I was impressed as to how you kept me in the loop every step of the way. Thank you so much!
Your talents are a gift and I know  you've touched many in so many ways with this gift of yours.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.  You made the entire process so very easy. Thanks again." Christina Jaggard of Westbury, Tasmania.







Pet Portrait Commission


Oscar and Pearl  Pastel Portrait 50 x 60cm


Testimonial  "My husband Ian was quite overwhelmed with the breathtakingly beautiful portrait of our little ones Oscar and Pearl. It is such a very special 25th Anniversary gift."  Marilyn Schwarzer of Brisbane











Pastel Pet Portrait Sally McLean Artist



Caramello  Pastel Portrait 35 x 50cm


"Sally all I can say is that I am so glad I stumbled across your website. This is not just any dog looking back at me, it is definitely my dog Caramello. I have no queries, questions or suggestions, I can't see a thing that I want changed. I am just in total awe. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much once again for everything, I am so excited and cannot wait for the finished project and Christmas Day so I can see my other half's face!" Michelle Galloway of Brisbane


If you have any questions or queries please CONTACT ME and I will be more than happy to help you!